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If I want to learn, I don’t need to be educated anyway, inter 131

I get on the net, whatever I need to acquire, I will learn, I get an additional education and I do not think that such a thing is necessary. For me, I do not think that he will be able to give such a training in my field. I do not think it is related to a graphic education that education can be given on the internet. Because first of all, for example, the student has to draw, I think the Internet does not allow this. Probably more suitable for social sciences ”. An immigrant consumer; “I think it depends on the subject. Me‐ sela, I would like to study on such a subject over the Internet; again, I would like to receive a language education over the Internet. I can reach from anywhere. However, for subjects that require practice, there may be a real need for face-to-face training ”. Non-working consumer; “I would like to study online. Internet training can be provided in every field. Some fields require more face-to-face training. It may be more suitable for social areas ”. The banker consumer said, “I do not look warm, I do not want the internet to be the only data I have. This will be an additional resource for me after I get my education at school. It should not be unique in any area, it is more suitable for social areas. You learn grammar for the language, but pronunciation can also be difficult. Drawing examples can be put, some models can be seen on the internet, it can be supportive for some lessons, it should not be the only method ”, the teacher stated that the consumer thought was as follows:“ I am indecisive. I do not think it should be, considering its advantages. At least to support basic education. But considering its disadvantages, it can be boring, at least I say not suitable for my personality. One fails in science and foreign language and graphics courses, but can be successful in social sciences in the form of reading comprehension. The lecturer: “It should be used as an educational tool in all fields, even in medical science”. The graduate student said, “I really want to study online. Could be Psychology 132

It could be any area I am interested in. But I think that much success cannot be achieved in applied sciences ”. In addition to those who favor education with the Internet, there are also those who do not support such an education. While the graphic designer and the banker stated that they do not want to get education on the internet; the teacher, the consumer, was hesitant about this issue; On the other hand, a graduate student, reporter, faculty member and non-working consumer stated that they want to get education online. This situation may also be due to the consumers’ work in different fields and their individual characteristics. Consumers who participated in the interviews think that education with the internet is more appropriate in social areas, and that it cannot be used efficiently in applied areas. While one consumer argues that it is suitable for foreign language education, the other is of the opinion that it is not. There are different opinions on this subject. Although it is used more in social fields in the literature, it is known that it is used especially in language education and is also used in applied fields today. The lecturer, the graduate student and the banker expressed their views on what changes they would make if they had prepared the site themselves. The banker consumer added: “However, similar links may be included”. The teacher is the consumer; “Forum can be added. It can be a place where people on the site can chat and talk with each other ”. Reporter consumer; “The clip can be broadcast, samples can be reproduced. Images can be added. Visual material should be added, graphics, photographs, cartoon types etc. can be added. However, of course, this may be difficult to open files such as pictures, it may take time and this may create a limitation ”. Graphic design Journal of Qafqaz University

consumer; “A forum corner can be created for the person to communicate with each other. Lecturer; “Consumer complaints corner can be added”. Non-working consumer; “Under a heading, it can be a chapter about frequent events that happen to people in daily life. Examples can be included. It can be used as a link ”. While the opinions of the consumers who participated in the study and group interviews were combined at some points, they differed at some points. This may be due to their education in different fields and their work in different fields.

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