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According to the survey, 58 percent of Democrats and 40 percent of Republicans plan to vote early.

Experts estimate that 80 million people will use the game via mail this year. However, there are different opinions about whether this is a safe method.

According to Thad Kousser from the University of California, who speaks VOA Turkish, the Corona virus outbreak has made the method of election very complicated. According to Kousser, many voters who were reluctant to vote by going to the ballot box became afraid of this because of the debates about the safety of the postal voting process.

President Trump is one of the most critical of the postal voting. Trump is of the opinion that the budget that the Democrats wanted to add to the Corona virus aid package to popularize postal voting will give their competitors a partisan advantage.

In his statements, Trump has expressed many times that he thinks that the voter should go to the ballot box with his identity document.

The president often targeted states that sent ballots to all voters to vote by mail, whether they demand it or not.

In many states, it is not easy in practice, as it means the adoption of new systems, including security mechanisms, if the applications that will allow more people to vote by mail due to the epidemic.

Elizabeth Howard, an expert from the Brennan Center for Justice Democracy Project, has experience on the subject. Howard personally witnessed the difficulties experienced during an emergency change of a system.

Howard, who served as vice president of the Virginia Election Commission in August 2017, had to change the state’s voting machines less than two months before election day due to security flaws in paperless voting machines.

Howard stated that making these changes shortly before the election day will be both complicated and costly, adding that election officials may need to purchase high-speed scanners and scheduling machines.

In states with few remote voters, it will be even more difficult to switch to full postal voting, Howard said.

The supra-party Policy Institute Brennan Center estimates that the cost of switching to the postal voting system will cost $ 1.4 billion, including technology, printing ballot papers, postal services, placing boxes to place the vote, security, educating voters, and counting ballots.

In the past years, postal voting was also causing polarization. Democrats, whose voting voters increased their participation in the elections, supported this method, and Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republicans who hold the majority in the Senate, said that mandatory postal voting across the country would take away the right of states to control their own elections.

Conservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation say this method is vulnerable to fraud. An example of this is the discovery that last year an election official working for a Republican candidate in North Carolina was unlawfully collecting remotely cast votes, and as a result, the voting process in the state had to be repeated.

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