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This gives Hong Kong cinema an advantageous position in the East Asian and Southeast Asian markets. Kung-fu (martial arts) DÜ ÜN E L ‹M films are the most popular products of all Chinese culture and mostly such films are made in Hong Kong. He has mastered the action genre of martial arts films, including cliché Chinese literature and Chinese ORU novels, cheap novels, television series, and Western art, S-line, martial arts films among his sources of inspiration. It may also be interesting to remind that AT took over a director such as John Woo, for example ‹K KHollywood. In South Korea, one of the important phenomena affecting national cinema is the sad history of the country in the 20th century. In South Korea, where the second half of the 1990s witnessed a significant revival in cinema, the share of films in the domestic market increased rapidly, new directors opposed the authority and They have attracted the attention of the audience with their films, which have OUR OBJECTIVES.

For more detailed information on cinema history K and ‹Tilgili A P, Teksoy, Rekin. (2003) The History of Cinema by Rekin Teksoy. ‹Stanbul: O¤lak Yay› nc ›l› k. You can read the tagged book.

Indian Cinema TELEVISION India is a country known for having one of the largest cinema industries not only in Asia but also in the world. Cinema is considered one of the most dynamic and lively industries in India and the INTERNET has an indispensable place in the cultural life of the country. Indian cinema, also known as Bollywood and has a history as old as Hollywood, produces about a quarter of the films shot in the world. The stars of movies with dance and dance have a socially important status. Following India’s independence in 1947, Indian cinema experienced its ‘Golden Age’ in the 1950s and 1960s, its home market It has always maintained its superior position in Turkey and in the markets of neighboring countries. Since the 1990s, romantic films made in Bollywood style with big budget, performance, singing and dancing have played an important role in competing with Hollywood movies. In India, where a realistic cinema does not attract much attention, important filmmakers have also grown up, such as Satrajit Ray, who are more famous in the West, but also make neo-realistic films about the country’s problems. Combining Indian and Pakistani audiences as well, Bollywood movies continue to be popular with Indians in the diaspora living in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the West. Find out, the existing cinema, DVD and cable TV markets for Indians living in the USA and live shows distributing Bollywood awards: This has led to the development of an industry of 100 million dollars. There is at least one movie theater showing Indian movies in 14 of the 24 major urban centers in the USA. A similar situation is also the case for Britain.

QUESTION Unit 4 – World Cinema ‹K Ke¤lence, AT Cinema, although it is no longer regarded as the only and unmatched medium of art and communication, survives and continues its existence effectively. .

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